Saturday's Morsels: Retrain Wall Streeters as Butlers!

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Your Saturday headlines...

Retrain traders? Laid-off Wall Streeters not qualified to give Wall Street tours. Look for work as a butler or party clown instead. (Ouch!)

Brooklyn man leaves suicide note on Facebook before hanging himself in playground.

For years, riders have noticed that the No 2. subway line makes noise that sounds like opening from a 'West Side Story' song.

Paterson blames his staff for smearing Kennedy, which he says "bewildered" him.

Bloomberg dips in polls, but still well ahead of any rivals.

Fashion Week a bummer? "Everyone just seems to be really sad."

Upshot to the NYU protest: 18 suspensions.

State yanks license from UES psych who slept with two patients, impregnating one.

12-year-old, talking on cellphone, slips and falls: crushed by bus in Brooklyn.

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