Savoy Goes Bananas for Mushrooms

Savoy's special autumn mushroom menu has hit the restaurant, and below is the final version of this year's offerings. The prix-fixe menu is $70 for four courses (the regular menu is also available) through November 4.

Savoy Mushroom Menu

Pickled Maitake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushroom Consomme with Red Scallions

Black Trumpet Mushroom Risotto and Roasted Tilefish saba, basil and crispy celery leaves Braised Chantrelle Mushrooms and Grilled Venison Saddle roasted spaghetti squash and juniper demi-glace Candy Cap Mushroom Cr鑪e Caramel roasted mission figs

Savoy 70 Prince Street (212) 219-8570

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