Say Something Nice

Say Something Nice

Gossip boards like this one so often become forums for venting and kvetching, and that's fine--in fact, that's my bread and rancid butter. But just for once--just for one teeny, tiny second--let's reflect favorably on the world and post a nice thought or two. Anything nice, as long as it's not sarcastic or ironic.

I.e., I don't mean something like "Nancy Pelosi didn't do anything stupid today" because the underlying intent of that is extremely sour.

I mean something really and truly sunny and heartfelt.

I'll start:

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Michelle Obama has nice hair.

Warm weather really lifts my spirits.

Meryl Streep is good even when she doesn't do an accent.

Anne Hathaway has nice hair too.

I've hardly ever been served food that I didn't enjoy.

Nancy Pelosi didn', let me not go there.

Your nice thoughts? Make them super sweet or they'll be banned!

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