Screw Taxes: Saturday's Spring Sales

Instead of filing our taxes, we've decided Saturday's spring sales are a must. Two in particular have thrilled the procrastinor in us: Sodafine's trunk show and EMG's monthly vintage extravaganza.

Sodafine's show spotlights two Brooklyn designers, Supayana and Popomomo. We love the photo of the latter's fuschia dress. What better way to prance around in a prickly, weedy backyard than in a designer frock? Plus, this trunk show promises snacks.

And starting at 2pm, it's EMG's monthly vintage sale at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. In addition to their usual retro threads, EMG will be selling Octopi at "deeply discounted prices." This means silk/linen "armor" dresses ($125), limited edition lame jackets ($150), and cardigans ($40).

We checked out Octopi's website for more information. Their "about us" opener reads:

This animal with the ability to transform its color, texture, and shape to suit diverse environments influences the Octopi line.

Huh . . . Perhaps it's best to just check out the sale.

119 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York

Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Avenue of the Americas

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