Secretariat Is Galloping to Theaters

And I won't hear a word about which actress you haters feel should have played the title role.

They got a real horse for this one, and at a special screening, the estimable Margo Martindale -- who plays Miss Ham, the trusted assistant to the humans -- chatted with me about her experience.

Margo said she didn't work much with the horse himself, "but I was around the horse."

"I think they had an affair," she added about Miss Ham and another character in the film.

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"The horse?" I squealed, classily.

No," she laughed, "but he's very pretty."

Anyway, let's get off the saddle and discuss what your favorite horse movie of all time is -- till now, that is.


The Black Stallion?

Or perhaps a porn flick you haven't told me about?

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