Setagaya's Back End Opens Thursday

They weren't really ready for a close-up.

you may have noticed, while waiting to take a pee-break from the delicious noodles at Ramen Setagaya, that there's a mysterious space in the back that looks like a restaurant in the works. Is it a private dining room? A top secret ramen club? In fact, no, it's a soon-to-open restaurant, with a different owner than Setagaya. When the ramen shop opened, Grub Street had the info on the second place, but it seems like it's taking a little longer than the owners anticipated.

The new restaurant, Oriental Spoon, opens next Thursday, July 26, and will feature a sake bar, a sushi bar, and Malaysian and Thai food. While Setagaya does one thing obsessively well, this place sounds a tad confused, but we will reserve judgement, of course. One bonus: an enclosed garden in the back.

Oriental Spoon July 26 4PM-2AM 141 First Ave

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