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Sex, Drag Queens, And Fudge At The Other Gay Resort

Sex, Drag Queens, And Fudge At The Other Gay Resort
Photo: Patrick McMullan

I just went to Provincetown, the gay jewel of Massachusetts--even more so than the recent Boston production of Billy Elliot--and found that it's racy, carnivalesque, and totally hopping with boys, drag stars, taffy, lobster rolls, and celebrity sightings.

And I wrote this crazy column about it, which teems with all the above.

It's refreshing to not just go to Fire Island over and over again and assume that's the last gay seaside ghetto in the world.

Besides, this place has actual streets--and bike trails and choices and no deer with lyme disease!

And I was treated like the second coming of the Christ child!

I'm definitely going back, folks--maybe to live. For a few days.

Oh, and did I tell you about "the Dick Dock"?

Do read the column, slurp, belch.

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