Shitty-Band Street Team #1: Jugger-nut

juggernutsm.JPG Captain Caaaaaavvvvvvveeeeemaaaaan!

We secretly hoped this was some kind of juvenile-pun vocabulary flashcard. Maybe we'd get one of these jejune illustrations a week? You know, like, rifle-butt? Chest-nut? Butter-nut? The possibilities are endless.

Nope. Turns out JuggerNut is a crappy electro-punk "thing" that's essentially a Jack Black wannabe screaming about womens' asses and cockroaches in his cocaine. This could be amusing if it was even remotely good. But it's Anal Cunt by way of a ghetto Prodigy and it makes us want to die. Stay away.

And why isn't it called JoggerNut?

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