Singing Asian Helen Keller!

For years, I've joked about a Helen Keller musical with lyrics like, "Helen, Helen/Stop your yellin', Helen/I can't hear you, and you can't hear yourself..."

Well, it's come true!

Somewhere in naughty, bawdy Asia, they've gotten the sheer gall together to make Helen's story into a singing and dancing spectacular, using scraps of songs from other shows (including "Legally Blind," I mean "Legally Blonde"), not to mention obvious inspiration from Def Poetry Jam.

Can't wait to watch the entire above clip and see if they turn "The Shoop Shoop Song" into "The Wah Wah Song."

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And I pray someone eventually makes a reality out of my other idea: An Anne Frank musical!

("I'm trapped in the attic/Oy, my life is so static...")

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