Steven Slater To Make Appearance Tonight!

Steven Slater To Make Appearance Tonight!

I hear famed JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater--the one who notoriously opened the hatch of the plane and fled with two beers--is going to see the off-Broadway topical revue NEWSical tonight.

He's the one we thought was a great hero for refusing to deal with guff from passengers, but then when the facts came in, we started to thinking maybe he was just a pissy queen who deserved to get sacked. (And he did.)

But now that Slater's sobered up and developed a healthier attitude, he's a kind of fascinating footnote and endearing mini-celebrity.

Anyway, NEWSical has a sketch in which Michael West plays Slater, so the real guy is going to check it out--and maybe even get into the act, a little birdie tells me.

And then he'll probably open the hatch and flee with two beers.

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