Streisand DVD Coming For Mother's Day

Last September, Barbra Streisand returned to the Village Vanguard club where she started, the result being a triumphant free concert that was a gift to her fans (if not to me--I couldn't get in).

Well, at a party at the Gates for Richie Rich's sportswear line Tabloid Hero the other night, I met Scott Lochmus, the director of the DVD, which will come out for Mother's Day.

Lochmus told me there will be no special features on the DVD of Barbra talking, though he did interview the owner of the club for commentary about Babs' trajectory. (The diva opened for Miles Davis there in the '60s en route to the kind of superstardom most Brooklyn girls can only dream of.)

Lochmus said he used six cameras, and when I asked if Barbra had approval, he said, "Of course! Everyone I work with has approval."

But how to do all that editing? It was pretty immediate, he said. The camerawork was melded together for a DVD-quality feed of the concert that very night for 100 more people watching it in a nearby hotel.

I wasn't invited to that either!

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