Take The Rectal Leakage Challenge

Take The Rectal Leakage Challenge

Here's a scenario for you kids, courtesy of Satan:

Let's say you're offered some diabolical contract asserting that your butt will leak continually until the day you die, and there's nothing you can do to stop it up.

The situation will be so bad that you'll have to cart stacks of diapers along everywhere you go and excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to change them about every 30 minutes through eternity.

Your anus will spray so continuously that you will even need to employ someone to watch you when you sleep at night so they can wake you every hour and change your business before laying you back to another 60-minute nap, and so on and so on, as the stomach turns.

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Horrible, right? Messy, distracting, and utterly stinky-poo?

Sure thing, but here's the bright side: In exchange for this living horror, you will be gifted $10,000 tax free dollars a day!!!

Deal or no deal?

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