The 84 Most Talentless Actors in the Biz

I just found this list on IMDb, and I have to say that while I wholeheartedly agreed with some of the choices, I was rather taken aback by others.

Some of them are my all-time favorite stars!

Then again, I have a bad-movie club.

The number-one choice on the list is Tommy Wiseau, creator/star of the rivetingly wretched love-triangle melodrama The Room, but I'd have to argue that making something that brings people joy for whatever reason is a talent--not to mention the craftiness of repackaging the thing as a "dark comedy" after screenings drew hoots, hollers, and guffaws.

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As for the other high-ranking bad actors, some of them just got bad breaks. (J. Lo, for example, showed possibilities in Out of Sight that were never explored again.)

Others got typed. (Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson).

And yet others really do smell up the screen.

Check it out for yourself and start crossing their movies off the list this summer.

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