The Best Rhymes of All Time!

I have to give Broadway composer Stephen Sondeim top props for his witty and literate rhyme schemes.

He can do way better than "top props."

My two favorite rhyming lyrics of Steve's are:

"Perpetual sunset is rather an unsettling thing" (from A Little Night Music)

And, from Company:

"When a person's personality is personable/He shouldn't oughta sit like a lump/It's harder than a matador coercin' a bull/To try to get you offa your rump."

I mean, "personable" and "coercin' a bull"? That's the kind of genius you don't find in a thesaurus, honey bunny!

Is there any brilliant lyrical rhyme that YOU'RE especially fond of? Please avoid anything with moon/June/Debbie Boone.

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