The Blonds Say "Nuh-uh" to Snooki

The big sceney fashion show of the week is tonight's spectacle by The Blonds, the sparkly duo who create glittery things for pop divas, but wisely draw the line at a certain reality star.

Publicist Mauricio Padilha graciously tells me:

"Snooki wanted to come, and as much as I love her...and I mean LOVE Snooks...unfortunately The Blonds did not feel she was the right type of attention they want to bring to their show.

"They are trying to move away from what most publications already think of designers who are not of the standard Parsons/FIT and who are more walking to their own beat, so they will get taken a little more seriously in the industry.

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"But regardless...this show is still going to be nuts...just a different type of nuts and unfortunately without Snooki there this season :)"

As long as The Situation's sitting on my lap, I'll be fine with this!

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