The Box Is Opening In London

Yes, oversized vaginas are dancing their way all the way to the UK!

Simon Hammerstein's The Box -- the Chrystie Street haunt filled with vaudeville acts, sometimes even onstage -- is branching out to London's Soho district, where transsexuals will faux-pee on real celebrities just like here.

London's Box will be set in a closed palace du smut called Raymond Revue Bar.

And though that whole area has undergone a Times Square-like blanding over the last few years, Hammerstein blithely nabbed his licenses, a council rep telling The Guardian, "We understand this is a burlesque show more than just lots of bits on display."

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Yay! They get it! And they're gonna get it!

As I'm quoted as saying in the same article, "I've always felt Simon had it in him to turn into this huge entrepreneur, spreading those body fluids around the world!"

New York's most risque cabaret to open in London [Guardian]

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