The Day I Played A Zombie

The Day I Played A Zombie

In 1985, I was sent to a limestone cave in luxurious Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, where I was made up for hours until I ended up covered with even more pustules and oozy shit than when I arrived.

I played a zombie in George Romero's eagerly awaited tri-quel Day of the Dead.

Romero instructed us to not play your stereotypical zombies, with the usual arms outstretched and eyes bugging.

So when he said "action," I came up with a wholly unique approach that I was sure would nab awards and kudos.

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I basically did Diana Ross, with arms in the air and lots of fancy hip swiveling. I was the gayest, most glamorous zombie to hit Beaver Falls in weeks.

After he yelled "cut," Romero singled me out from the crowd, and I was certain it was so he could sing my zombie praises.

Instead, he said to kindly can the shtick.

Horrified, I went back to the hands outstretched and eyes bugging.

And the movie bombed.

As a bonus, I'm including a shot of another outlandish sci-fi stunt I tried -- spoofing Jennifer Holliday's immortal Dreamgirls number, "And I Am Telling You ..."

When the eyes were open, believe me, they were bugging!

Photos: Marc Weiss

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