The Five Biggest Male Crotches In Music

A lot of music acts sell millions of units, but if they don't have one very special one betwen their legs, they're socially worthless.

According to the book The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'N' Roll Lists by Judy McGuire, here are five of the very biggest c***s in r**k.

1) Nick Cave

Bigger than Jim Morrison's was. Way bigger. This Cave has no forgotten dreams.

2) Jay-Z

Supposedly it could block the sun. No wonder Beyonce seemed to be walking funny at the Inauguration the other day.

3) Tommy Lee

Tommy's appendage helped make his career, but it also managed to steal it away from him when it got more attention than he did in the famous sex tape with Pamela Lee. That's probably why he seems to have strapped it down for a while. What a waste!

4) Tony Kanal

Gwen Stefani wrote "Don't Speak" about their relationship. Apparently anyone who's tried to engorge themselves with it can't speak.

5) Iggy Pop

According to one groupie, Iggy's (lolli-) pop could have its own zip code--maybe even its own country code. The man who sings "I Wanna Be Your Dog" is truly equipped to do so.

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