The Five Worst Politicians Of All Time

Power corrupts, in some cases way more than others.

Here, in ascending order of awfulness, are the politicians who've abused their privilege the most horribly, staining their records with terrible policies and crappy excuses.

5--Adolph Hitler. Not nice. Really icky. Blech.

4--Sarah Palin. A scary, convoluted, self-proclaimed victim who'll walk on your carcass as she rides the ratings ladder.

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3--Rudy Giuliani. See George W. Bush below, but on a more local scale (though I'll admit he was a little bit comforting after 9/11).

2--Richard Nixon. A slime, a sleaze, and not terribly attractive. One chromosome away from total psycho!

1--George W. Bush. A complete liar and opportunist who sold us out for personal gain, then kept on lying with blood on his hands. I've had it with the softening of people's feelings towards him now that he's an abandoned relic. Please! You win, Georgie! Eat caca!

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