The Five Worst Types Of Behavior At A Sexual Hookup

The Five Worst Types Of Behavior At A Sexual Hookup

Let's start at the very beginning, even before all the huffing and puffing takes place:

*Make your profile reasonably truthful.

Don't present yourself as basically James Franco when you're really James Holmes.

The truth will come out eventually--even if the lights are low.

Remember, they can feel your face.

*Don't just walk in, say "Blech," and run out.

Even in this unspeakably crass situation, some semblance of manners are in order.

Try something like, "Sorry, you're not what I expected" or "I apologize, but you're not really my type."

Then mutter to yourself, "My type is someone attractive."

*Don't come up with surprise fetishes that hadn't been mentioned before.

When you walk in with a camel, a harness, and some milking buckets, they're gonna feel a little betrayed.

Stick to the script!

*Don't just sit there stroking your business.

That's a come-on that basically says, "Pleasure me. That's what you've been summoned here for."

Search your imagination and think of something pro-active to do. Come on, you can do it!

Besides, your profile had said you were "versatile" and "up for just about anything," remember?

*Don't try to pull off the condom.

It's not very ladylike. It's downright dumb, in fact.

It bespeaks a certain lack of education and refinement.

Keep your reckless streak to yourself, honey!

Oh, and have fun!

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