The Gay Oscars Have Been Announced: What a Pill!

BEST DRAG: Peppermint, "Servin It Up"

I just woke up from Sunday night and realized I was a presenter at the Pill awards! No, these aren’t honors for the best developments in Xanax, Prozac, and Zoloft (though the winners’ names were lodged in large pills). They were awards given by ADD-TV—a queer showcase on Channel 34, run by George Lyter—for the most attention-getting, most state of the art, and most gay-gay-gay videos out there in the gayosphere. The bustling backstage area at Arena deserved an award in itself. It was filled with pier queens, barely clad male models (there was a life-changing fashion show halfway through the awards), and trannie lookalikes of Paris Hilton. I was so happy I didn't even need my pills. Onstage, some of the announced winners were:

BEST DRAG Peppermint - "Servin It Up"

SEXY PILL Jonny McGovern - "Something For the Fellas" -

BEST PARODY "Bottum" - JB Ghuman

VIRGIN Pill (BEST NEWCOMER) Colton Ford - "The Way You Love Me"

BEST WHITE TRASH/GHETTO Black Peter Group -"Peter Vs. Robot" -

BEST ANIMATION/FX Ari Gold - "Where The Music Takes You"

BEST MUSIC VIDEO (POP) Adam Joseph "You're Mine"

BEST MUSIC VIDEO - (ALTERNATIVE) Matthew Duffy #1 Enemy" -

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