The Great Kvetch: Hounds on hot dogs, pizza, and cheesecake

(from Zwirner & Wirth) Chowhounds are keeping the tradition of poo-pooing alive.
Over the weekend, a four-year old thread, started by Jim Leff himself, was resuscitated. The subject is Food Myths about New York, and there are 171 replies, and counting.

Some myths: New York has tons of great delis, great hot dogs, great little Italian restaurants, great cheesecake (this one inspires a lot of debate), great steakhouses, black and white cookies, slice pizza, coffee, Indian food, plus detailed discussions of bagels and Mexican food.

Leff sums it up thusly: "The purpose of these boards is to suss out exceptions to ANY prevalent mediocrity. That's what we're HERE for. Chowhounding is ABOUT being finicky, that's the whole POINT."

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