The Most Shocking Moment Of Tonight's Tony Awards

Candice Bergen announced the winner of Best Actor in A Play.

It was "James..."

(Nominee James Earl Jones must have been getting really excited around this point.)


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And James Earl Jones made the above face, which deserves its own award.

Thanks to Jennifer Tepper for the photo and observation.

PS: This is mildly reminiscent of the end of the 1966 trash classic film The Oscar.

In that scene, Merle Oberon is announcing that the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor is Frank....

(Stephen Boyd, playing nominee Frankie Fane, stands up at this point, convinced it's him.)


And Frank Sinatra rushes the stage to accept his honor as Fane looks confused and horrified, but starts applauding to fit in with the cheering throng.

Life imitates trash!

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