The Normal Heart Film Casting Is Intriguing But Bizarre

Ryan Murphy is putting together a stellar cast for the long-awaited screen version of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, about the struggle to get recognition for AIDS as it devastated the gay community in the early days.

Julia Roberts will play the lady doctor who nails the big boys with rage-filled truths.

Alec Baldwin is aboard, which might sound bizarre since he's had his own biased moments -- but at least he's playing the Kramer character's brother, who is made wildly uncomfortable by all the gay talk.

And Matt Bomer is playing the fashion-journo boyfriend of the Kramer character (Mark Ruffalo), a guy who tragically contracts HIV himself.

Isn't Bomer a weird choice to be part of a project that unabashedly, angrily screams, "Silence equals death"?

You know?

And wait a minute!

Jim Parsons is in there, too (reprising his very good performance from the recent Broadway revival)!

I love Bomer and Parsons, but there had better be a whole bunch of "Yep, I'm Gay" cover stories before this movie comes out.

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