The O.C.: Even Better Than Drakkar Noir

(The O.C.

You are a producer on The O.C., a show where the California sun once shined, the mommies were MILFs, life was gravy. The Walkmen played, bands like Rooney got five more seconds of fame than was really okay or necessary, Chrismukkah moved into the common vernacular, and actor Adam Brody shamelessly plugged Chuck Klosterman's ass on national TV.

But something happened on the way to the bank that last season. Ratings fell, sharks were jumped, desperate last-gasp lesbian kisses were enacted, and even the lead actress (and let's be honest, weakest link) wanted off the show.

What to do? How to restore former glories and lift this one out of the crapper?

Introducing O.C....The Fragrance.

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