The Pope of Greenwich Village? I Think Not!

The Pope of Greenwich Village? I Think Not!

When drag star Linda Simpson emails, people listen, honey. And this time she has a licentious, heathenous, hell-courting idea that I totally agree with! To wit:

Hello Sinner! As you might have heard, Pope Benedict arrives in NYC later this month for a three-day visit (after visiting the Evil One in D.C.)

Of course, the media is going to go into ass-kissing overdrive, pounding into our heads about his kindness, generosity and love of children (and barely a peep about the Vatican's hideous views on LGBT people, abortion rights, access to contraception, women's rights, etc). Will there be any way to escape the madness ? Yes! Come vent and celebrate our collective liberation from idiotic religious dogma at the...

POPE BASH! Saturday, April 19th at Rapture Café

It is going to be a blasphemous hootenanny and it would be fabulous to have YOU be part of the fun! Want to perform, go-go dance, do some kind of installation or parade around in your religious finery? There's no pay, but it will be a final way to pay tribute to Rapture, which sadly is closing on April 24th. Please let me know ASAP if you want to be involved. I'm going to host and I'm helping organize the activities.

Your nonconformist pal, Linda

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