The Sad State of Fashion Week's Celebs

Because there are so very many channels on the tube and so many reality shows on them bursting with "famous" cast members, a typical invite to a Fashion Week show is generally something like:

"You are invited to the Fall showing of Patchouli Jones, Make Me a Designer's third runner up from the fourth season, seen only in Westchester and parts of Guam.

"Making her runway debut in the show is Toukie Toukerson, the off-camera but much talked about girlfriend of Curb, from the first and only season of Single Ladies of the North Shore.

"Sitting in the front row will be someone with a close connection to American Idol--he watches it every week--and behind him is a hot comic with a terrific new cable deal ($45 a month, including premium channels.)

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"The third row will be filled with all sorts of real housewives--not from TV shows, mind you, they're just real housewives.

"Can we add your name to the list for row four?" "

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