The Tragic Side of Fame Is Explored On TV

And I helped!

The history of showbiz is littered with the sad remains of shimmering stars who succumbed to exploitation, drugs, the loss of fame, and a bum rap.

From Anna Nicole Smith (above, in her more golden days) to Dana Plato to Rob Pilatus of the doomed duo Milli Vanilli and beyond, all that glitters often turns into dross, the result of a drubbing from the harsh realities that set in once the applause dies and the vultures swoop in.

And so, tonight at 10 on A&E Biography Channel, The Tragic Side of Fame (Part 1) takes a glimpse at these poignant casualties -- and it does so with compassion and context.

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And with me.

Tune in and watch my head talk one more time.

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