The Vagina Myth: Where Did It Start?

I'm not talking about the story going around that they exist.

I have it on very good authority that they actually do!

I'm referring to the famed and oft repeated tale that vaginas always ... um, er, how can I delicately put this ... um, er ...

Um, er, um, er ...

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... smell like tuna!

It's one of those crazy urban legends, and they've perpetuated it out in the country, too!

Surely it's a hateful stereotype started by some gay foodie or maybe a misogynistic lobster.

It just seems so dismissive -- especially when combined with the demented story that the vajayjay looks like roast beef.

That's recklessly mixing two food groups!

Anyway, where did this totally tragic tuna tale begin and how can we end it faster than Michele Bachmann's credibility?

It really smells.

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