The Wackiest Guest Appearance In Town

In the middle of an off-Broadway revue called A Night at the Carlyle, a woman sashays onstage and the actor playing the bartender exclaims, "You're Rachelle Rak from Sessions, the show we alternate with in this theater! Why don't you sing a song from that show?"

It would be a shattering moment of fourth-wall-breaking except that it's all been pretty mild and winky until then anyway, and one could imagine someone from Sessions possibly dropping by the Carlyle. And Rak--known for her audition process in the Chorus Line documentary, Every Little Step--is always high-kicking. So she does her little plug of a number and leaves, coming back at the very end, when she somehow gets the last bow. (Well, she is credited with the evening's "musical staging".)

Anyway, wouldn't it be fun if this always happened? If in the middle of Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli said, "You're Janet McTeer from Mary Stuart! Care to do a dramatic monologue while we prepare to sing "Rag Doll"?

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