The Worst Breakup Lines Of All Time

The Worst Breakup Lines Of All Time

Let's face it, we've heard them all--and we've used them all.

Here are the absolute most cliched and rotten lines to send someone out the door with, adding insult to injury:

*"It's not you. It's me."

(Oh, please. No one really believes they did anything wrong in a relationship. It's always them.)

*"I just need a little space. You know, some private time."

(To which the other person can easily reply, "Then why have you been fucking my best friend?")

*"I guess I'm just not the marrying kind."

(Perfect response: "Neither am I. Whoever said we were going to get married? We were just having a relationship, beyotch.")

*We've grown apart. It's like we don't even know each other anymore."

(Translation: "I know you all too well by now, and you're not at all the fun-loving brainiac I thought you were when we started dating. In fact, you're a soul-sucking bore from outer space. Besides, I'm fucking your best friend.")

*The relationship has changed. It's like we've become siblings more than lovers."

(I.e., I have come to find you physically repellent.)

And the worst of all...

*"I can't renew you, but feel free to pitch me ideas. We can do this on a piece-by-piece basis."

(No, wait, that's what magazines say when they fire you! Hey, maybe it would work...)


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