The Year's 20 Worst Flicks!

2009 isn't over yet, but has come up with the 20 worst reviewed movies of the year--so far. (There's still a month of potential post-Thanksgiving turkeys to trot over to our local cineplexes. Give them time.)

In descending order of awfulness, these cinematic stinkpots are:

1. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (Tomatometer Rating: 4%)

2. Miss March (4%)

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3. Old Dogs (8%)

4. All About Steve (6%)

5. Whiteout (6%)

6. Post Grad (9%)

7. The Stepfather (11%)

8. My Life in Ruins (10%)

9. Dragonball: Evolution (13%)

10. The Unborn (12%)

11. Bride Wars (12%)

12. Couples Retreat[ (12%)

13. The Pink Panther 2 (13%)

14. Ninja Assassin (29%)

15. I Love You, Beth Cooper (15%)

16. Planet 51 (16%)

17. Year One (15%)

18. The Ugly Truth (15%)

19. Dance Flick (18%)

20. Love Happens (18%)

I'm totally shocked by some of these selections. Like how can Year One be only number 17? That was the worst movie of all time! (Or at least the first half of it was. I never saw the second.)

And how can Spinning Into Butter not be on the list at all? That was the worst movie of all time times eternity times 5000 and a half with a rotten cherry on top!

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