This Weekend: Keep it Artisanal, Tipsy

This weekend, why don稚 you:

Be a foodie hipster at the Unfancy Food show in Williamsburg on Sunday. While the annual Fancy Food show is going on at the Jacob Javits Center touts its endless maze of newfangled olive oils and 吐usion� hors d弛uevres, cheese heads Tom Mylan of Marlow and Sons and Sasha Davies will be staging the alternative version. Of course, to many people, we池e sure this will seem like a fancy food show too, but it痴 more of a 途eal food� celebration than a trade/marketing event. We like handmade cheese, we like handmade pickles, and we like locals.

Unfancy Food Show
Sunday, July 8, 1-7PM
($5 donation suggested)

East River Bar 97 South 6th Street Williamsburg (718) 302-0511

Check out Carroll Gardens� brand new farmer痴 market on Carroll Street at Smith, in front of PS58. Sunday is day one and we say, welcome the farmers to the 蘇ood. As Fort Greeners know, the market in Fort Greene Park started off kind of sparse, but has blossomed into a bountiful -� and of course, stroller-packed �- neighborhood gem.

Carroll Gardens Greenmarket
Carroll and Smith
Every Sunday, 8AM-4PM

Seriously, get drunk on watermelon. You won稚 regret it. Or you might for a few hours the next day, but in the long run, you値l know it was the American thing to do.

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