Thomas Jane Was a Hung Hustler Himself

This is from Liz Smith's column:

"Talk about publicity for a product!

"The hunky actor Thomas Jane, currently starring in HBO's Hung, in which he plays a male escort, just admitted that as a homeless 18-year-old in Hollywood, looking for work, he ... escorted. And sometimes with -- men.

"This is not shocking to me. It's life. And prostitution is less of a big deal for men -- generally, they don't have to deal with pimps. Mr. Jane -- who movie fans know from The Dreamcaster, The Punisher, and The Mist -- has, however, unleashed a squirmy can of worms.

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"We can be assured that the past lives of many another male matinee idol will now be investigated. Trading sexual favors for a role, or, as Mr. Jane put it, a sandwich, is as time-honored a tradition as putting one's hands and feet and signature in cement.

"I'd love to tell you of the two beautiful actresses (one an Oscar-winner) who had to submit to a famous mogul in order to capture career-making roles. Nothing is new under the sun. Or under a movie mogul.

"Mr. Thomas Jane -- you've got guts. And Hung is very funny."

OK, let the guessing begin. Which Oscar winner gave it up to get the part?

Or maybe this will be easier:

Which one didn't?

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