Tocca: It's All About Sardinia

Instead of a runway show, Tocca had a "collection presentation" today, which is a cross between going to a gallery opening and shopping at a fancy store. You should go to one some time, but don't wear a denim dress meant for a twelve year old unless you want all the thin girls to look at you funny.

The fall line is inspired by a "decidedly Victorian mood," and, according to the press release, Tahiti was in for spring, but for fall, it's all about Sardinia. Aren't you glad you can just skip Tahiti when it becomes all the rage, and be ahead of the game?

Oh, yeah, about the clothes: There were thin little sweaters with ruffly cap sleeves, high-waisted dresses reminiscent of little girl's party dresses, and smart, but still fun-looking tailored coats and dresses.

Gift Bag: White shopping bag—Tocca scented candle in "Shanghai."

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