Tom Cruise/Mimi Rogers Dish From The Early Scientology Days

As you know, Mimi Rogers was the one who introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology, forever changing his life--and ours too.

Well, a source who was around that scene at the time tells me that Mimi acted as crazy-protective of Tom as Tom later did of Katie.

Swears the source:

"Mimi hung out around the set of Cocktail and kept a close eye on Tom the whole time.

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"And she tried to get Elisabeth Shue to not do sex scenes with Tom.

"Mimi would say, 'Tom has strep throat. I wouldn't want you to catch that'."

The source adds:

"She acted that way around the hot women.

"Why would you do that if your husband was gay?

"He wasn't. Case closed."

When I asked the source why Mimi later made the remark about minimal sex in that household, they replied, "She lied!"

Hmm. Food for thought.

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