Tootsie Meets The Avengers In New Movie

Bianca del Rio is a foul-mouthed, bitter, and hilarious drag queen who cuts people down in incorrect ways that have them howling with laughter.

The New Orleans-born scamp (a/k/a Roy Haylock) may be the real Beast of the Southern Wild.

And she might finally have found a big screen vehicle to house her outsized talents (and lashes).

TV producer/editor Matt Kugelman tells me he plans to star Bianca in a feature film tentatively called Hurricane Bianca in which she (or, rather Roy) would play a NYC teacher who moves to a small Texas town, where he gets outed and fired.

Well, he decides to come back in drag as a really mean lady and get revenge on the horrid folk who done him wrong.

This wicked avenger will be a teacher all right! And that town will never be the same!

If this film doesn't get made, I will go to a Texas town--any Texas town--and get some revenge myself.

My only concern is: Can Bianca be convincing as a really mean lady? Kidding.

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