Topical Storm Forecast

Thursday's debate: Mostly mild, with heavy gunfire halfway around the planet In a futile gesture, thousands of Americans are apparently sending in questions they want asked during tomorrow night's first Bush-Kerry debate. The questions are a project of, and you can fill out some right now if you want.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, however, has battened down the hatches: It's trying to ensure that nothing comes up that's more blustery than, say, the on-air personality of Weather Channel anchor Marshall Seese.

See Monday's Bush Beat for an analysis of the sluggish system currently stalled over America.

The updated forecast for Thursday night's viewers: Calm early, with irritation expected to steadily increase. Put on your hip boots; the shit's going to get deep.

As for the questions? Softball-sized. Oh, and the word "legacy" will be used by somebody.

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