Treasure Hunting: Your local Supermarket

You might think of your local supermarket as a place to pick up the basics, a place where the meat section smells suspect, a place that only sells sugary cereal and not your beloved organic meusli. But don't overlook its charms. Don't do all your shopping at Whole Foods. I'm a big fan of the 365 line for many staples, like butter and shampoo. But, depending on where you live, your regular old market holds local treasures far more interesting than the overpriced "ethnic" options at most gourmet markets.

Recently, at the Bravo on Fulton Street (near Nostrand), I discovered Trappey's Indi-Pep hot sauce, a West-Indian style hot sauce which lists as its first ingredient vinegar. Indeed, it is highly acidic, and would brighten up any braised meat dish (also good on a peanut butter sandwich). Oh -- and it cost 99 cents.

We'd love to hear about your neighborhood treasures...


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