Triumphant Oscar Night For Two Mature Divas

Shirley Bassey was masterful singing "Goldfinger" as part of the James Bond tribute on tonight's Academy Awards.

She did the song with measured tones, taking her time, and going for the gold (finger).

She really throated it out, and by the end, as I was sitting there thinking "Will she hit the note?" she struck it like a gong.

A triumphant moment for Shirley and she soaked in the standing ovation like a true diva.

And the other great, mature star who will surely kill 'em tonight?

The lady below. She's going to sing "The Way We Were" for the In Memoriam tribute.

It makes perfect sense since she was close with Marvin Hamlisch--and heck, I bet she hung with Andy Griffith too.

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