"Trout Pout" And Other Terms of Non Endearment

Was it our own Jonster who brought the term "trout pout" into our daily lexicon here?

If so, thanks, kid!

The very next night, a friend asked me at a bar if a guy he was flirting with was attractive, and I replied, "Sort of, except for the trout pout." That clinched it: No deal!

"Liver lips," "hatchet face," and "no neck" are also much used terms of mine, especially when I'm guffawing through reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show.

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But I need more. Do you have any other such descriptives to share with me, with perhaps a linoleum-forehead-lifting anecdote to go with them?

Don't attach them to particular people--not by name, anyway. My goal is not to hurt anyone or ridicule them for something they can't help.

I just want to store all the hateful terms up for when I need them!

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