True Amateurs Abused by Midnight Prowler!

It seems you can't write a piece of journalism these days without crediting a blog, a bloc of blogs, or the blogosphere in general with inspiring, supporting, or otherwise legitimizing said piece of journalism. Blogs are democratizing media. Bush is democratizing the Middle East. Exciting times, seeing the center fold (puns intended). Fact checkers are out, Hamas in, and here I am, helping lead the revolution with soon-to-expire links to pictures of Teagan Presley and Penélope Cruz . But although I am a blogger, and possessed of all the exemplary traits that title implies, I am not perfect. My semen has that weird industrial-cleaner scent that everyone else's has, and my poo doesn't exactly smell of jasmine and lavender (though there was that one time I mistook potpourri for hors d'oeuvres--my French is not so good). In short, I make mistakes and then pretend nothing happened. But today I'm coming clean, and I'm not just talking about that weird industrial-cleaner scent. Last post I identified scumbag Khan Tusion as a dude with a nasty--and likely unironic, shame!--mustache. Concerned reader crunky set me straight with this post:

Khan only ever appears slightly out of frame. I don't think you would ever see him with his pants off. He also only appears in titles from his own series of comps from his websites, distributed by JM. You probably have him confused with somebody else.

I don't think he has a moustache, either. His signature is a pair of white sneakers. The porn guy with the seedy moustache is Mr. Pete.

Mr. Pete. Gotcha. Other than assigning him the mustache and an acting role here or there, however, I stand by every snap judgment I've made of Mr. Tusion. And allow me to tell you about his movie Midnight Prowl (JM), which I recently came across in my closet. The lineup's anchored by some names--Ariana Jollee (pic), Soma (pic), and Kayla Marie (pic)--but I found an amateur, and her interactions with Khan, much more fascinating than the stars' performances, which take place in the back of a limo and in a video store. At some point there's maybe a half dozen or more guys, apparently off the street, gathered in a room, a couple of them getting blown by the names, the rest trying to stroke it up. In the back, there's a slight, totally nude red-haired girl--girl is really the only way to describe her, she has braces--working on one of the more capable, less schlubby dudes. (A subtitle claims it's her first movie.) Khan sends a little guy--“midget”--her way, and commands her to suck him off. She feebly mentions something about how much she'll be paid, and he starts barking about how he'll decide what she does and how much she'll be paid: “Just do what you're told!” (He also slaps one of the man-ams upside the head for cumming without calling.) Later, when the newbie's riding the guy, she jokingly imitates a porn star, moaning and rolling her eyes, then suddenly starts, emitting a sharp “Ow!” likely due to a finger in the ass. If there's a blog worth paying attention to, it's her Live Journal.

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