Very Sexy Victoria's Sexy Secret Moments. Sexy!

Eye, when she was just a mere cornea (optic nerve?) reviewed last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which was Tyra Banks' last. No Tyra or Heidi storming the runway this year, which meant no Seal serenade either. Bummer dude. "SexyBack" JT came to the rescue.

This year's sexiest moments:

1. The Victoria's Secret "hidden cam" in the model's hat (Eye believes it was of the Blossom crusher variety), so you can know the magic through her eyes.

2. Gospel choir singing about living in harmony to the million dollar bra.

3. The cheeky yet ultimately discomfiting marketing of the Victoria's Secret PINK line for tweens, now a part of the annual lingerie show. Observe:

4. The most genius ensemble of the night:

No wait, it's this one.

Sorry, this one.

Wait! Finally:

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