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There are some interesting videos on the Internet. Like this bit of ecstasy from a Death Cab for Cutie gig, shot by Mike Slagor:

Sometimes people post a video and use a snippet of pre-recorded song for a score, like Chihuahua, which started as a '50s mambo, became a global hit last year after being appropriated by a Swiss DJ for a Coke commercial, and was then ironically re-applied in a local public service announcement:

(In Japan, the song showed up in a video from the enigmatic Maeken Trance Project, where it melded it into the Numa Numa, but that's another story.)

And then sometimes the Internet discovers old videos by itself. The big video poobahs in 1987 - Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Run DMC - are goofy fun on VH1 now. And who could have imagined, 14 years before the War on Terror, that the year's most visionary video would be Sammy Hagar's Eagles Fly, which has been adopted by aviation people, and thrives on the Internet?

Lord knows, that's not PC. Much more pleasing to watch the talented thespienne Jennifer Garner, who just had a baby girl with her liberal actor-activist husband, Ben Affleck:

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