VV to Heroes Cheerleader: Expect Lame V-Day

After learning from TMZ that hot Heroes cheerleader Hayden Panettiere will be sending her Valentine's Day with true love boyfriend, Stephen Coletti, i.e., Kristen's castoff from Laguna Beach, we reached back into the old memory and recalled that not too long ago, last Valentine's Day in fact, we had interviewed the Laguna stud for the print edition of the Village Voice about both this special day and his opinions on l'amour. An excerpt:

What is your favorite romantic song and/or movie? Romantic song—"Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. Romantic movie—'Garden State'. I don't think they're the "most," just some favorites that came to mind. Although I think no one can deny that the most romantic movie of late is easily 'The Notebook.'

Twenty bucks the cheerleader's smeared in chocolate body slut paint by dinner.

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