What Do You Like To Call Your Vagina?

What Do You Like To Call Your Vagina?

Assuming you have one, of course. Do you just call it Vagina? That's a tiny bit cold, no? Perhaps you call it something like Marge or Francine or maybe Lady Peaceful or Queenie. And there's always the old, familiar Whatchamacallit. In any case, I'm dying to find out what the most prevalent (cunni) lingo is out there for that sort of thing, so kindly choose from the following popular appellations and tell me which nomenclature you favor:

*That Sort of Thing. No way--too vague.

*Cunt. Admittedly, it's my favorite word of all time, but it's rather harsh--so much so that Jane Fonda is still being pelted for saying it to a cunt on TV.

*Pussy. I'm not crazy about it--it reminds me of my allergy to cats--but at least it's not harsh and angry sounding.

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*Twat. I like it--it's direct and clean--but it's only useful for dirty references, not the kind of high-class dinner table conversations I have every night.

*Poontang. Eww. That's the kind of thing a man would say, but never a woman. Even Lil' Kim.

*Vajajay. This was extremely cute for a few minutes, but it's so very last year. Let's move on, please.

But to twat? I mean to what? Please give me some healthy suggestions, you pussies!

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