What Should Balding Men Do?

Let's say a large amount of hair has fled from your skull like Democrats running to Canada and complete male pattern baldness seems as inevitable as using up the 401K in your thirties.

Rubbing prescribed lotions into the scalp just isn't going to do anything except make your head look like a wedge of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing.

So what should you do?

*Go for hair transplants that will make you resemble an aging Ken doll?

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*Get a toupee or hair weave that instantly implies "used-car salesman"?

*Wear an annoying hat that spells out "I'm bald, but wearing a hat"?

*Cut whatever's left right off and become one of those shiny-head types that light up the night like a dime-store light bulb?

*Or just deal with it?

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