What The Nightlife Stars Did During The Blackout

Johnny Dynell and Kenny Kenny. Photo by Paul Alexander
Johnny Dynell and Kenny Kenny. Photo by Paul Alexander

At the weekly circus known as Vandam last night at Greenhouse, Amanda Lepore looked and smelled as fresh as a daisy.

"I stayed at Cazwell's house," she explained, blithely.

Co-host Susanne Bartsch had no such luck.

"I have no heat and no fucking water!" she said, dressed like Merlin.

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"It's romantic. I bonded with myself," she added, laughing.

The other cohost, Kenny Kenny--all done up in a taffeta bridal gown--got his power back, but not until several days spent with a flashlight reading The Power of Now in the dark.

"What could be more now than a blackout?" wondered Kenny.

Finally, I went up to DJ Johnny Dynell's booth and wrote down, "Do you have power?"

(It was too loud to talk, and I was as hoarse as Totie Fields by now.)

Dynell thought I was requesting a song called "Power" and started looking around for it!

How cute!

Once he realized what I meant, he explained, "We have cold water and no heat until November 11! Because it's steam heat!"

Tragique. Don't downtown artistic types have to suffer enough?

Speaking of a power outage, Bartsch told me they actually carded her at the door when she arrived!

"I haven't been here in a few weeks," she noted with a wry smile.

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