What Was John Wayne Really Like?

At a reception and preview for Heritage Auctions' The Personal Property of John Wayne the other night, the Duke's son Ethan Wayne said life with Dad was "adventurous, bold, kind, and loving."

And when the superstar wanted to read you the riot act, he was nice enough not to do it to your face.

"If you got a letter from him," said another son, Patrick, "you'd open it very slowly.

"It was usually that he had something to say he couldn't say over the phone, and it wasn't funny."

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Yeah, but at least you could eventually auction it off, lol.

Privately, I asked Ethan if there were any of his dad's films that he prayed weren't remade because the originals are so sacred.

He said he doesn't mind remakes at all, and he felt the new True Grit was actually very well done.

"But I bet they never remake The Conqueror," I quipped, referring to the ill-fated 1956 costumer with John Wayne as Genghis Khan.

"Well, they did Thor," he replied, smiling.

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