What's With All These Movie Stars Having Sex With Food?

What's With All These Movie Stars Having Sex With Food?

Meryl Streep has certainly never played a role as racy as in Hope Springs.


The three-time Oscar winner goes to sex therapy sessions, plays with herself, attempts a blow job in a theater, and even tries to learn oral techniques with the help of some bananas.

It's a far cry from Sophie's Choice!

But while Meryl is usually ahead of everything that happens in the biz, she's not the first at the sex-with-food phenom (especially since, as Julia Child, she never reached for the dill dough).

She's been beaten to the fridge!

You see, in the recently opened Killer Joe, Gina Gershon is humiliated by a hit man (Matthew McConaughey) who forces her to do stuff with fried chicken!

And now, with Meryl's frenzied fruit foraging, we have a trend, folks.

No, wait--it takes three instances of something to officially constitute a pop culture trend.

We need one more--fast.

Come on, Judi Dench.

I've got a lovely bunch of funnel cakes waiting for you, lovey.

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